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Vinyl Siding has all the Advantages


Bestclad Home Renewals have decades of on the job experience introducing the many visual and practical benefits of vinyl siding and cladding to over 5,000 home owners in so many towns throughout NSW since 1992. Bestclad Home Renewals have performed home renewal, wall siding and cladding projects performed right across NSW – Inspect the list of towns.

This type of external home cladding lasts so much longer, has wonderful insulation properties and looks simply superb. And unlike weatherboards, termites don’t get a look in. White ants… eat your heart out.

Paint Wastes Money and Effort

Vinyl siding is the clear cut winner over painting and here’s why.

Some years back the Australian Federal Government had a Royal Commission into paint. It concluded that lead should be removed from paint. Up to that time exterior paints lasted up to 15 years but the Royal Commission changed that forever.

Nowadays paint companies won’t guarantee the longevity of their products for any period whatsoever.

We meet lots of home owners who blame Painting Contractors for doing a lousy job which didn’t last any time at all. In most cases this is unfair. The simple fact is that modern paints are just not formulated to last like they did in the past. Nowadays Titanium Dioxide has to be used in paint as a lead replacement and whilst this may be great for our health, the longevity has gone out the window.

If you would like to compare the benefits of vinyl siding against alternative wall cladding methods, view a comparison chart of various cladding materials.

Do it Yourself Cladding Option

if you’re pretty handy with tools you might like to provide your own skills and labour to save money and gain the personal satisfaction of handling your own project. Bestclad has the perfect DIY option.