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Bestclad has been providing high-quality cladding throughout NSW since 1992. It’s this experience that’s made us first choice for products, workmanship and service. In fact, we’ve fitted wall cladding to in excess of 5,000 homes. Our mission is to delight our customers with their home transformation. As a result, by consistently proving a superior product and exceptional service, our order book has grown accordingly. If you’re searching for a great alternative to timber cladding, that you never need to paint, please call Bestclad’s owner Brett on 0409 304 010 today.

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Why choose Bestclad?

Firstly, when you deal with Bestclad, you deal with the owner. We don’t use pushy salespeople and we will not pressure a customer for a sale. Consequently, our pre-sale consultations are friendly and completely non-threatening.

Secondly, we have decades of experience with exterior wall panelling products. Thirdly, our product is Australian-made and comes with an outstanding 50-year warranty.

Finally, we are great to work with! We’re a friendly team and take great care to make sure your installation is on-time and perfectly fitted.

The Top 5 Benefits

You can expect with Bestclad

  • Quality Australian-made vinyl cladding – 50-year warranty
  • High-Quality Workmanship – Fully trained team of licensed installers
  • Owner-Operated Business – Brett will look after you
  • We also offer Supply Only – Full kit and phone support
  • We can match most existing cladding – Just send a picture
Brett Roberts - Owner Operator - Bestclad
Brett Roberts
Owner Operator Bestclad

I’ve been in the cladding business for 30 years. I’ve used a number of different products but the one we use now is the best I’ve seen. When I see the smiles on my customer’s faces after we’ve finished an install, it makes it all worthwhile. Please, give me a call, and I promise to provide a straight-forward no-pressure quote, great service, great value and 100% satisfaction

What are the Benefits of our

Vinyl Cladding?

There are many benefits to choosing vinyl over timber cladding or fibre-cement siding.

From an aesthetic point of view, it looks exactly like timber. But, the main advantage is that it’ll never need painting or treating. Once it’s fitted, that’s it. Other key benefits include:

  • It’s 100% flame-retardant, it simply will not burn
  • Vinyl is strong and resists impacts (guaranteed against hail damage)
  • It won’t go brittle even in the Aussie summer sun
  • Our cladding is completely water-proof but it does allow the wall to ‘breathe’
  • No colour fading – the colour is all the way through the product
  • It’s termite and insect-proof
  • It’s insulated to reduce your energy bills
  • You never need to paint again
Vinyl Cladding In Coffs Harbour

Cladding in Coffs Harbour

We Supply Vinyl Cladding in Grafton

Cladding in Grafton

We Supply Vinyl Cladding in Kempsey

Cladding in Kempsey

Cladding In Taree NSW

Cladding In Taree

Bestclad Cladding Supplier in Tamworth

Cladding In Tamworth

We supply Exterior Cladding To Armidale NSW

Cladding In Armidale

Cladding Supplier for Port Macquarie

Cladding in Port Macquarie

We Supply Quality Vinyl Cladding To Maclean NSW

Cladding in Maclean & Yamba

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