Take advantage of all the benefits of vinyl cladding

Termite Proof Vinyl Cladding

100% Termite Proof

Tough for Aussie Conditions Vinyl Cladding

Tough for Aussie Conditions

Impact Resistant Vinyl Cladding

Impact Resistant

Waterproof icon Vinyl Cladding


Fire Proof Vinyl Cladding

Fire Proof

Long Lasting Colour Vinyl Cladding

Long-Lasting Colour


First cost is last cost
Needs no painting
100% colour depth
Easy maintenance
Insulation & fuel saving
Moisture resistant
Rot proof
Dent resistant
Scratch resistant
Non conductor
Corrosion proof
Termite proof

Features of Vinyl Cladding

Fire Proof Vinyl Cladding

It Cannot Burn

Vinyl siding siding contains a fire retardant in its formulation that does not allow the product to support combustion. So too does the insulation. If in doubt simply put a match or flame under the product. When you think it’s burning, remove the flame source – see, no longer on fire. It’s safe on your home protecting your family.

Stormproof Vinyl Cladding

Tested For Cyclones

We cover the entire state, so our product has to withstand all terrains. The siding for your home has been exhaustively tested at the CSIRO North Ryde. The result – Our siding satisfied the test criteria. You can read the entire report if you want to – just ask for it to be sent to you.

Hammer icon Vinyl Cladding

Resists impacts

Well it has to, doesn’t it? Every batch produced is tested via a Gardner Impact Tester to ASTM D3029 (Method G to be technical) at the factory. The Australian Standard for this sort of performance (AS 292-1987) is exceeded in excess of 8 times that which is required – no wonder this outstanding product is guaranteed against hail. Cricket games don’t scare Vinyl siding either!

Weatherproof Vinyl Cladding

Doesn’t Become Brittle

It lives outside so it has to be tough. Just like humans need sun block. This component prevents the siding becoming weak and then brittle. Vinyl siding also contains an acrylic modifier. In simple terms this allows good weathering of the product to ensure excellent long term toughness. Clever isn’t it?

Waterproof Vinyl Cladding

It’s Waterproof

The polystyrene insulation is gas permeable but NOT water permeable. Vinyl siding will not allow water to soak in or absorb into the surface. The special fixing method and use of vinyl custom trims allows no weather or uninvited guests to get in behind the boards – its a sealed unit protecting your home. Because the vinyl panels are not porous, mould and mildew are never a problem. That’s good and it also means you can hose it down as often as you like.

Vinyl Cladding Paintbrush

Colours Don’t Change

Apart from losing that ‘baby freshness’ your siding won’t look like a patchwork in years to come. It’s not painted and the pigment goes right the way through. Scratch it and see! A tin stabiliser is used to ensure good colour retention at high ambient temperatures. What it means is the colour is reliable and won’t go splotchy. So sell your paintbrush and relax – no more painting for you!

Say “Goodbye” to Painting and choose tough Vinyl siding from Bestclad Home Renewals Aussie made for Aussie conditions

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