Cost to Paint the Exterior of a House in Australia?

Improving your home’s kerb appeal is a sure-fire way of increasing its value. One obvious way to achieve this is to have it repainted. However, to create a beautiful finish and be durable, it must be done right. So, what’s involved and what are the costs of painting a house? Read on.

What is the Labour Cost of Painting a House?

Labour charges are the lion’s share of the cost of painting a house. A professional, experienced painter will charge a minimum of $40.00 per hour. Moreover, a complete house painting job will probably involve more than one painter. So, before any painting can begin, the exterior has to be thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Also, minor repairs such as filling or replacing rotten weatherboard, fascia boards, sanding back old paintwork and filling any holes will be required.

What are the Material Costs?

The second highest cost will be the materials. These include primer, paint, and cleaning products and equipment, including scaffold. Furthermore, another surprise costs can be the discovery of asbestos in the walls and eaves. These need to be replaced or treated with extreme caution. Lastly, lead paint can be toxic and needs to be removed professionally. So, all up, a full exterior paint, carried out by professionals, would probably fall within the range of $15,000 – $20,000+.

How Often Do I Need to Paint My House?

This will vary depending on the climate that you live in, the quality of the last job, and the quality of the paint used. So, if the exterior is exposed to a harsh winter and summer cycle, or on the coast, even a professional job may need repeating about every 7 years.

What are the Alternatives to Painting a House?

One of the best alternatives is high-quality vinyl cladding. There’s a choice of contemporary colours, and you’ll never have to repaint!

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Cost to Paint the Exterior of a House in Australia